Our Projects

At Keller Brothers, Inc., we will typically complete the structure, shell and interior components of a building.  Additionally, on certain projects we self perform carpentry, labor, concrete, excavation, and layout.  Other trade work is subcontracted and closely coordinated and managed by Keller Brothers outstanding Project Management teams.  Keller Brothers handles all aspects of construction including new construction, renovation, metal buildings, conventional steel buildings, and remodeling projects.  Keller Brothers has a history of achieving quick and economic resolutions to challenges of design and construction.  Our Project Management teams transition easily between subcontractors, owners, and design teams.  Keller Brothers provides daily onsite supervision of all subcontractors to control the scope, schedule, cost, and any other aspects to ensure that a quality job is delivered.  There are multiple benefits of a General Contractor managing a project, such as minimizing costs, construction methodology, dedicated supervision, and timely completion.  Keller Brothers has a history of hands on experience and a collaborative approach that ensures that we meet all project demands.  We feel that there is no concentration of responsibility; all of our staff has the authority to make decisions, share responsibility, and results as a team.

Educational Institutions

Keller Brothers has a long history and understanding of working with schools. We understand the importance of completing projects on time to be ready for students and teachers. We have helped many clients successfully overcome the challenges of occupied construction. Keller is accustomed to completing construction and maintaining a safe site while the building occupants are still able to teach and learn. 

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Local Government

Keller Brothers focus is community enhancement. We work with local governments on various projects including fire stations, police stations, libraries, and community centers. Keller understands the impact these projects have on communities and the need to have them completed on time and within budget.

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Private Projects

Keller Brothers works closely with owners and has a deep understanding of their ever changing needs. Our experienced project management teams foster professional and lasting relationships with our owners, subcontractors, and designers. We provide onsite supervision for all our projects which enables us to control subcontractor scopes, scheduling, costs, and other aspects of the project.

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